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Look familiar? This is a very common cracking pattern that shows up in a block wall. The reason for the crack pattern (often called stair step cracking with blue cracks on the drawing) is that the wall is failing to hold back the pressure from outside of the wall (a combination of soil, water, and especially ice here in Wisconsin). So the mortar starts to crack in the weak areas of the wall (circled in green). The cracking in red (a shear crack) happens as a result of a crack in the footing and a drop in the footing. It's a different problem with a different fix.

another copy of cracks in wall.jpg pictu
common cracking on a poured wall.png

When your wall is a poured wall, this is the crack pattern you are most likely to see. Again, you have pressure from the outside constantly pushing in on that wall. When it fails, the wall finds the weaker areas of the wall and cracks. In the green area on both drawings, it is showing where the wall tends to push inward. Depending on how much the wall is coming in will depend on what we do to solve the problem. We will walk you through not only what process is right for you, but why it's best for you as well.

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